The Herança Journal accepted applications for editing Special Issues (SN).


The process of creating a Special Number (SN) starts with the application.

The submission of the SN is made by the Scientific Coordinator of the Event (SCE) or equivalent.

The Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor and/or the Scientific Council (SC) evaluate the applications received based on the following selection criteria:

  • Relevance of the theme;
  • Scientific quality of each proposed article;
  • Consistency of the set of proposed articles and the contribution of the theme to the advancement of science;
  • Research of the authors in the thematic area of the number (academic degree and affiliation);
  • To ensure that the SN are sufficiently comprehensive for the participation of specialists from different areas and / or backgrounds, it is recommended that the authors / participants with the same affiliation do not exceed 1/3 of the total number of the authors of the SN; non-compliance with this condition is a possible exclusion factor from the application.

The decision to accept the SN rests with the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor and/or the SC of Herança Journal.

The Scientific Coordinator of the Event (SCE) or equivalent is responsible for the scientific quality and guarantee of the review of the manuscripts by the Scientific Council of the Event or equivalent, before submission to Revista Herança. The SCE / equivalent of the approved SN signs the Identification Form for Special Numbers (IFSN).




Elements required for submission:

  • Event Title/ SN Theme;
  • Full name, affiliation, biographical summary, and ORCID of the SCE or equivalent;
  • Type of event that gave rise to the SN application (workshop, research project, conference, etc.);
  • Organizational structure of the event;
  • Introductory text (about 1500 words), to be published in the SN, highlighting its relevance, and innovative nature in relation to the works already published;
  • Titles of articles and respective authors and affiliations;
  • Summary of each manuscript (500 words);
  • Program with the schedule of preparation of the SN containing:
    • Deadline for submission of articles;
    • Expected publication date.


  • Once the application is approved, the final date for submission of all manuscripts compiled in the SN is fixed (this period should not exceed 3 months);
  • A date for publication of the SN will also be defined;
  • The complete SN will be subject to final evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief and the Deputy Editor of Herança, who may request changes prior to the final publication of the SN;
  • The DOI Crossref identification is made only to the SN. Other unforeseen situations, such as the attribution of a DOI to the manuscripts, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, at the request of the SCE.